Our Services

We offer calibration services in the following fields:

1. Temperature

Condition Chambers:

Cold Rooms, Refrigerators, Freezers, Refrigerated trucks, Ovens, Incubators, Autoclaves, Furnaces, Water bath and oil bath.

Indicators & Controllers:

Digital thermometers, Dial /Analogue Thermometer, Thermocouple and resistance controllers, Temperature Controllers, Infrared thermometers


Data Loggers, Thermo-hygrometers


Dry well calibrators

2. Pressure


Gas regulators for welding &Allied equipment, Tyre pressure gauges, Digital pressure gauges, Pressure transmitters, Vacuum pressure gauges and sphygmomanometer.

3. Mass

Calibration mass categories:

Up to 3kgs, 3kg-60kg, 60-300kgs, 300kg-100kgs, Moisture meters, Moisture analyzers and Batching plants.

Mass Calibration and Certification:

Class M1 masses, Class M2 masses and Class M3 masses

4. Volume


Tanks of volumes between 50 & 100,000 Liters, Volume up to 10,000 million liters, Tanks between 100001 and 7000,0000 liters (using dry method for this category).

5. Industrial Measurement

Industrial Measurement

Micrometre Screw Gauge, Vernier Calliper, Depth gauge, Thickness gauge, Dial test gauge, Plug ring and callipers and Limit gauges.

6. Force


Compression testing machines (Single gauge/range, Two or three range/gauges), Load cells, Force measuring equipment, CBR proving rings, Force gauges, Tensiometers, Torque wrench, Torque gauges and Marshall testing machines.

7. AC-DC


Multi-meters, PH Meters, Clamp meters, Power meters, Decade resistant box and Current injectors.

8. Density and Viscosity

Density and Viscosity

Penetrometers, Hydrometerss, Density meters, Viscometers, Viscosity standard fluid per sample and Refractometers.

Non-Destructive Testing

Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Radiography Testing (RT), Magnetic particle (MP), Liquid penetrant (LP) and Visual Inspection (VI).

For Industrial Inspection

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