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Techfast Quality Solutions Limited was registered in 2020 to offer services in training, calibration and Non-destructive testing. At TQS Limited, we offer calibration services through our well-equipped laboratories and competent technicians to guarantee accuracy and reliability of all measuring equipment. We also have a dedicated section for Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) services. We are accredited by National Metrology Institute (NMI).

Calibration involves checking and/or adjusting the accuracy of a measuring instrument by comparing it with a Standard of higher accuracy. All measuring equipment should be calibrated to give accurate and reliable results that ensure clear provision of quality products.

The TREACEABILITY of our scope of calibration competence to international Standards of Measurement (SI UNITS) is offered through the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS).

Non-destructive Testing (NDT) plays a very critical role in ensuring that structural components and systems perform their function in a reliable and cost-effective manner. NDT is usually implemented to locate and characterize material conditions and flaws that might affect performance in service. NDT is carried out in a manner that does not affect the future usefulness of the component or material. Since it allows inspection without interfering with a product’s final use, NDT provides an excellent balance between quality control and cost-effectiveness.

Eng. Mathew Ndeto Kyalo (P.Eng.)

Technical Manager

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VISION STATEMENT To be the preferred company offering Training, Calibration and Non-Destructive Testing services nationally and across the region. MISSION STATEMENT To develop a specialized customer-oriented company with a bias in provision of Training, Calibration and Non-Destructive Testing services. To engage with our esteemed clients and exceed their expectations in providing training, calibration and Non-Destructive Testing services.